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Welcome toTRR College for Pharmacy

In the present Era of Globalization & Liberalization a large number of changes are being witnessed in Indian Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical Education and in the practice of Pharmacy. For facing these challenges, Pharmaceutical scientists, technologists and academicians of India have to become multi-faceted to keep pace with the fast developing science and technology.

Therefore, there is a need for harmonization of Pharmaceutical education to shape Pharmaceutical Scientists / Pharmacists with the latest knowledge and skills to face challenges of the future.
The TRR College of Pharmacy  is one of the best Pharmacy Institute in the state of Andhra pradesh, with a strength of approximately 120 students, situated on a beautiful 120 acre campus in Pathan chervu Hyderabad. The institute is experiencing a fast academic growth and commitment to the challenges of the 21 s ' century. In the highly competitive environment, the Institute is capitalizing on its strengths in areas such as academic innovation, comprehensive training and flexible educational delivery systems.

The  Institution is approved by AICTE and affiliated to JNTU.